Au Vélocipède

In-Room Facilities

All our rooms are in bay colors, decorated with a mixture of antiques and design furnitures. Each room has a private bathroom with an Italian shower.

Facilities: Two beds ▪ Bathroom with shower ▪ WiFi access ▪ Bike rental ▪ Breakfast buffet

Four rooms, four ambiances to discover!


Vélo 1

Our first bedroom with two 90-bed is an homage to the church of St. Martin, in front of the room, with its contrasting hues. The "Darkroom" will be revealed to you bright and romantic

Vélo 2

Our second bedroom with one 90-bed and one 160-bed offers a unique atmosphere with its different sets of mirrors. Natural colors and noble materials bring sweetness and serenity

Vélo 3

Our third room with one 160-bed is a real little cocoon under the roof! Refined decor and soft lighting orchestrate relaxed atmosphere. 

Vélo 4

Our fourth room with one 160-bed and one 90-bed is also nestled under the house's roof! Cosy ambiance and warm colors of the Baie de Somme define the spirit of this big room.

Room Rates

Indicative rates 

Vélo 1 - Vélo 2 - Vélo 3 - Vélo 4: 
  • 105 € for 2 persons / night, breakfast included 
  • 150 € for 3 persons / night, breakfast included

Vélo 5
110 € for 2 persons / night, breakfast included

Feel free to reach the front desk should you need more information.

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