Environmental Policy

Our Commitment

Au Vélocipède and the Femme d'à Côté are proud of taking multiple steps towards preserving our natural environment.

Please find in this section our various commitments that we respect every day.

Zero Carbone

Au Vélocipède is the partner of the "Baie de Somme Zero Carbon" for responsible ecotourism. Ecotourism is a responsible and nature-based kind of tourism.

The goal is to put forward the attractions of the Somme: its flora, its fauna, and its biodiversity. The association actively monitors the protection of natural and cultural heritage, benefiting both the Somme and its inhabitants.

This approach supports the local economy and highlights the specificities of the terroir. 

Switch to nature, leave your car and take one of our bikes for a beautiful green ride.
From many hiking trails you can also observe nature and the preserved environment of the Picardy Coast.

Learn more by clicking here.

Eau de Castalie

Castalie is a sustainable water supply system. This ingenuous system refines water directly on site from the local water system.

An alternative centered on the taste, freshness of the water and limiting its environmental impact.

This micro-filtration equipment removes chlorine taste, particles and residues associated with any pipes such as heavy metals. We also adjust its temperature and its sparkle.

Appreciated for its fine taste and purity Castalie replaces the traditional sparkling and still waters. Do not waste it, enjoy it!

No Packaging Used!

In an eco-logic, we have chosen to work essentially with local suppliers and producers.

Therefore, our guest houses use no packaging, in order to preserve our environment.
All elements of your meal are available in suitable containers, such as at home!

Local Suppliers

"La Baie de Somme" is an exceptional region considered as one of the most beautiful bays in the world and has been awarded the title of "great national site."

Discover the uniqueness and identity of these local products. They are characterized by their quality, their unique taste, customs and traditions that bind them strongly to the sea, the land and the people.

Pure air, relaxation, healing, delight and pleasure guaranteed...

We present our unique selection of regional product baskets that you can find a through of "Baie de Somme" spirit.

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